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South Hams House Extensions Extend your home to give you more space to relax

Why get a house extension in South Hams?

Have you bought a property in South Devon recently and feel like you need some extra space to turn it into that second home you have always dreamed of?  Are you a family requiring more room or someone who has retired and would like an additional space to begin a new hobby?

A house extension could be the perfect solution.

 By extending your home in South Hams, you can create additional living space and add value to your property. With the current state of the housing market, it can be challenging to find a new home that meets all your needs.

By extending your existing property, you can customise your space to your exact specifications, creating a home that truly suits your lifestyle.

Additionally, a house extension can provide more room for your growing family or enable you to work from home comfortably. Overall, investing in a house extension in South Hams is a wise decision that can enhance your quality of life while increasing your property’s value.

south hams house extensions

Why choose OS Construction for your house extension?


With years of experience, we can advise on what works best for your South Devon property


Communication is our speciality, we’ll keep you informed at every stage of your project. Even if you’re on the other side of the country, you’ll feel at ease, knowing that your property is being looked after.


We have many years of experience building and extending homes in South Devon, you are in safe hands.


Our goal isn’t just to finish your project, but to ensure that it is executed with the utmost skill and expertise, resulting in the highest quality outcome.


With years of experience and a top-notch reputation across South Devon, you can have confidence that your project is in capable hands when you work with us as your contractor.

Types of house extensions in South Hams


We can renovate and extend your current home, creating custom-built extensions


Whether you want to extend in the same style or add a contemporary twist, we can enhance any space


Our space-saving solutions can help you make the most of your existing property

Open Plan

Open-plan living is a popular choice for modern homes, and we can help you achieve this with our extension options

Kitchen extension

If you need more space in your kitchen, our kitchen extension services can help

Garage conversion

If you have an unused garage, we can convert it into a new living space to maximise the use of your property


Here are some ideas of what your house extension could be used for:

Additional bedrooms for a growing family or room for guests
Ensuite bathroom providing a private and convenient space for the master bedroom.
Open-plan living area to entertain guests or spend quality time with family.
Kitchen extension to make a larger space for cooking and dining, making it the heart of the home.
Utility room to provide extra space for laundry facilities and storage
Home office to work from home or have a dedicated space for study or other office activities
Playroom to keep toys and games in one designated area, making it easier to keep the rest of the house tidy
Gym of exercise room providing a convenient space for workouts
Home cinema for movie nights with family and friends
Additional storage for items such as seasonal clothing, sports equipment, and outdoor furniture